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Banksy in Southampton: art or graffiti?

December 2010

When Banksy's Southampton graffiti was whitewashed the disappointment spread beyond the city's artistic community.

For many it was the irritation that they hadn't seen a Banksy close-up; while others felt the area had been deprived of something with worldwide interest. What should have been an inspiration and focal point for the city was now a cultural embarrassment.

However the vandalism of the graffiti has started a serious debate about whether or not Banksy's work is art or an eyesore.

To give people the chance of seeing the image and also continue the debate, Streetside Media took Banksy to the city centre.

Using two we displayed a giant poster (right) of the mural and asking shoppers and office workers the question: “Banksy in Southampton: art or graffiti?”

“We've always known our bikes can be used for displaying adverts and occasionally art in a variety of locations” said Lou Taylor, Streetside Media managing director. “But when the positive effect of Banksy's work was erased we felt idealy placed to give the public another opportunity to see it.”

“And although you could draw parallels between Banksy and Streetside Media using the streets to deliver a message, we're obviously more commercially minded, so in some respects we're giving something back to the community.”

Streetside Media are not the only company behind this artistic push.

The picture of the mural was kindly donated by the Southern Daily Echo whose speedy response to the story meant that Banksy's image was at least preserved digitally, if not on the wall.

The posters for the billboards were printed by the Colour Company, another Southampton company who also works for and with the city's artistic community.

The Streetside Media bikes will be displaying Banksy's work at the Guildhall Square from midday on Thursday 16th December and then move to outside The Mall, Marlands at 1pm. From 5pm the bikes will be outside the Bargate and over the coming days the bikes will be seen at junctions around the area.

Painting daubed on a city wall is actually worth a small fortune
Daily Echo
Banksy now a Blanksy as art work is painted over
Daily Echo

The Gym - Wood Green & Tottenham Hale

2 Adbikes for 3 Days

Streetside Media were commissioned by Caburn Hope to supply 2 Adbikes for The Gym fitness facilities in Wood Green and Tottenham Hale for three days to raise awareness of the various offers they had in early January.

The routes were supplied by the client along with branded bags and leaflets. The adbikes arrived at 9.00am Monday at the Wood Green branch and after the riders were given a guided tour of The Gym and a short briefing from the manager both adbikes began touring the area stopping at vantage points to give passing pedestrians and traffic the opportunity to view the posters and for the riders to hand out leaflets. The activity continued across the 3 days with the riders covering approximately 5 square miles a day! As daylight faded the LED backlighting on the adbikes proved very effective, drawing attention from commuter traffic at the nearby underground stations.


Really good feedback from the Managers. Both Gyms had a good week for sales
Rebecca harding

Willow Bank School

1 Adbike for 14 Days

90,000 Leaflet distribution

Willow bank school is a new primary school established by the Woodland Academy Trust in Bexley Kent which opened to pupils in Sep 2011. LowRyders were contacted in October 2011 to come up with a campaign to raise awareness of the school in the Bexley Borough and increase the student intake by another 5-10 pupils.


5 key schools were identified in and around the Thamesmead, Abbeywood, Erith,Greenwich and Plumstead areas.The adbike was located on the approach roads to each school in the mornings from 8.00-9.00 and 3pm-4pm targeting the school runs then moving to the main shopping area surrounding each school for the remainder of the day. At the same time all homes within the catchement area of all 5 schools were leafleted with the delivery coinciding with the adbike campaign.

The adbike poster and A5 flyer carried identical images with the flyer containing more detail about the Willow Bank admission and teaching policies.


After five days the uniqueness of a school, using adbikes and a leaflet drop to increase pupil numbers had reached National news with a 1/4 page item and photograph appearing on pg 3 of the Daily Telegraph 17/11/11 and also as a news item on BBC Radio 4 Today Program™ This was followed up by an interview with the Executive Head Teacher on LBC Radio.

By day ten 26 student applications had been received by the Woodland Academy Trust.

At the end of the 14 day campaign 40 applications had been received and these continued to rise all through December.
The final count was 95 successful applications, 90% higher than the original estimated expectation.

They provided an extremely efficient adbike and door to door leaflet delivery service that helped raised our profile both locally and nationally. No other form of advertising we’ve engaged in has produced anywhere near the return we’ve had with Streetside Media. Excellent!
Angela Barry - Executive Head Teacher Northumberland Heath, Peareswood & WillowBank Primary Schools
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